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How Does Reiki Feel?

Reiki works like a mechanism that regulates the body. It is like a furnace that automatically turns on and off to regulate the temperature; Reiki flows slowly or rapidly as required to dispense balancing energies. During the Reiki healing process, it can often be felt as pins-and-needles tingling, hot flashes, goosebumps, chills, throbbing, etc. During[…]

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How is Reiki Good For the Mind and Body?

Reiki’s healing energy balances every aspect of our lives to facilitate our bodies and minds doing what they do best—self-healing. To receive Reiki treatment for your body and mind is to empower yourself in your healing. When you learn how to do self-care, your energy and aura will reject anyone and any circumstance that does[…]

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What Are The Important Responsibilities of a Reiki Healer?

To most people, it signifies a level of achievement for a person who teaches and heals through Reiki practice. But being a Reiki healer or master carries a great deal of responsibility that one has to accomplish. This is a great responsibility that the universe bestows upon the Reiki healer. There are Essentially Three Responsibilities[…]

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The Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki

The principles of Reiki are comparable to affirmations or intentions, and they’re very much about being focused on the here and now. The principles help in encouraging people to embody the Reiki energy throughout the day, every single day. “They speak to the importance of one day at a time.” There’s no right or wrong[…]

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How Reiki Can Help with Arthritis Pain? 

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is based on the belief that there is a universal energy that flows through all living things, and that this energy can be channeled by a practitioner to promote healing. It is based on the idea that there is a universal energy that flows through all living[…]

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Reiki: What is it and What are its Benefits?

Reiki is a form or type of spiritual healing art with its roots in Japan. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. It is not connected with any particular religion or supernatural practice. It is also not a type of massage nor is it[…]

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How Can Reiki Help with Insomnia?

Reiki is a spiritual healing technique. It is not a supernatural or religious practice. It is a technique that involves a practitioner’s gentle touch. The touch is used to remove the energy that may be blocking your body. It is basically a form of healing that involves working on the inner energy of your body.[…]

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Best Academy for Crystal Ball Gazing Course in Delhi

Are you interested in knowing about the past, present, and future? Then, crystal ball gazing is the best course you can opt for. It is an occult science. But a lot of patience and practice is required before one has developed one’s latent powers to get answers through crystal ball gazing. Also, it should be[…]

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How Numerology Can Help You in Your Career

Numerology, or the science of numbers, is all about the prediction of numbers. Numerologists predict that numbers hold the strength to influence a person’s traits as well as the events that occur in their life. By using numerology, we can increase the power of positive numbers by constantly using them in every action. Also, numerology[…]

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Piyali De

“RP” The name itself enough to attract wonders and sanctification in to my own existence from eternal universe and God!!! 31st July-2016 was the day when I was blessed by lord Shiva to meet this amazing personality for the very first time. I was full of doubts and fears before meeting him and get the[…]

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Kshiroda Nayak

Sir जी नै मूझै नया जीबन दीए हैं,कैसे ..? ये मै आप सबसै share करना चाहती हूं,एक पल ऐसा था, जब मेरी जीदंगी मै आशा की एक भी किरन नहि थी , हर तरफ अधेंरा ही अधेंरा था, मै हमैसा सोचति थी कोई तो आए और मूझे इस अंधेरे से बाहार निकाले, मै टूट चूकि[…]

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Shivam Gupta

Rajeeb bhaiya best hai , aapse achi personality maine aaj tak ni dekhi and cute insaan bhi and maine bhaiya se zyada acha insaan iss duniya me nahi dekha aur mujhe lagta bhi ni ki unse acha aur koi hoga bhi. bhaiya harr ek problem se mujhe bahar nikal lete hai . hamesha sahi rasta[…]

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You are the solution of unsolved questions of like why me always.. You let me feel that impossible feeling like love, affection, care, peace and comfort through bringing in my life my love and my sole mate You bring me very close to my god and give me different eye to see him without any[…]

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Falak Jain

I have infinite words,moments,and a lot lot lot of things to express….In short I would like to say he is the first person who actually understand me…guides me in that way in which no one explain me earlier….sometimes he react with me like my parents or sometimes as my best friend and also as my[…]

Surya Satapathy

The best part of my life started when I meet Rajeeb ji.Everything changed from personal life to professional one.Every good experience came to our life. What I have done …I just surrendered my life to Rajeeb ji so I got everything and continue getting …good experiences .


After being associated with ILA and getting guidance from Bhaiya,my life has changed.I have become more positive and happy.After learning Reiki from Bhaiya my health has improved.Thankyou thankyou thankyou Bhaiya!!

Nayna Nimisha

My experience was very good after meeting Rajeeb bhaiya and learning Reiki..I was a victim in my life but now I started valued and living myself..I m very confident and relax..worry gone and I m enjoying present relationships improved.. more confident to say my truth without fear..feeling very calm and relaxed..I was depressed and[…]

Meenakshi Verma

Rajeeb bhaiya you r awesome. bhaiya se reiki sikhne k baad mera confidence level increase hua hai. reiki balance the mind n emotions. reiki can help alleviate mood swings,fear,frustration and even anger. thank u thank u thank u bhaiya .

Kiran jain

I feel a wonderful positive change in my life after learning reiki . I feel myself in safe hands after getting in touch in ur guidance. I feel proud nd confident after learning reiki. u r awesome RP Thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for showing the right path to me.


I first called Rajeeb ji about 7 months back on the recommendation of my friend regarding an issue. He talked over phone and suggested few simple remedies which really made a difference. When I met Rajeeb Ji and found that he is not only a healer but a wonderful mentor also. He made some predictions[…]

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Sunita Ahuja

 Reiki is healing energy and it is most powerful than medicines also. one year back my daughter who was 10 year old suffered. From severe pain in the right side portion and had urine problem and in ultrasound it was diagnosed that a stone was there in the ureter and she was in very poor[…]

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Ashish Kalia

I consulted RP ji in year 2013 about some issue in my life. In the Crystal ball gazing session he told things of my past which even I have forgotten. His future predictions were astonishingly coming true one by one. He predicted something to happen in coming 6 months and it came true.He provided me[…]

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राजीब भैया असल माइने में एक गुरु या मार्गदर्शक हैं जो अपनी बेहतरीन शिक्षा से लोगो को जागरूक कर रहे हैं एवं उनकी शिक्षा सच्ची,औचित्यिक और पूर्णतः विज्ञान संबंधित होती हैं।वह अपनी आध्यात्मिक कार्यगोष्ठी/कार्यशाला एवं प्रेरणादायक सेमिनार द्वारा लोगो को जागरूक कर एक पवित्र कार्य कर रहे हैं जहां पर आप ब्रह्माण्ड से असीम मात्रा[…]

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Deepti Gupta

Rajeeb sir is the person who can not be described in words. 3 years has passed when I met with him and today more than hundreds experience I have about his powers and energies. He is the single solution of every problem regarding any matter. His predictions are so strong. Instead of having so much[…]

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Tania Suri

I literally found RP at a time when I was in deep despair.. I thought I was going to get help to make people understand something but the amount I have learnt from him is unbelievable.. he not only made me emotionally stronger but also made me internally strong to see what the ‘real truth’[…]

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मधु बाला

राजीब जी, से मिलकर सचमुच में जिन्दगी बदल गई है।जीवन में सबसे पहले जीवन को पूरे जोश और उमंग के साथ जीना जरुरी होता है और वही सीखा है सबसे पहले हमने राजीब सर से ।अपने आप से बेहद प्यार करना सीखकर , जीवन को जीने में कितना आन्नद आता है, ये सीखा है सर[…]

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After meeting RAJEEB SIR I have been able to divert all my negative thoughts towards positivity and I actually consider him as a true guide.He made me look into the positive side of my life and for all this I am thankful to him for all the changes he brought into my life.THANK YOU SIR[…]

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