March 21, 2015

About RP

Shri Rajeeb Lochan Panda learnt Reiki in the month of May 2012. Within 3 days of learning Reiki, Shri Panda started to get visions about different symbols and colours associated with different people. Gradually, he realised that Reiki had initiated his power of Clairvoyance. As he practised Reiki, this power increased and with it, increased his ability to make clear predictions about things that had happened in the past as well as those that would occur in the future.

With his power of clairvoyance, Shri Panda has been healing people miraculously, as he can more clearly ‘see’ the problems. He is able to precisely tell the symbols, colours and objects that are beneficial or harmful for a person. While talking to the Editor on phone, Shri Rajeeb Panda made some predictions which are worth believing.
On being asked about the method of treatment that he follows, Shri Panda told that he tries to personally conduct a healing program of 21 days using his clairvoyant ability. He has reportedly achieved marvellous success in all the cases till now. Shri Panda has till now treated several cases of stress, financial crisis, marital problems etc.
Subsequently, he also attended Crystal Ball Gazing course and achieved miraculous results in it. He could clearly see all the events happening. Shri Panda has also learnt Magnified Healing which he practices with great proficiency. He is now a Reiki Grand Master, Occultist as well as a paranormal expert. He is a very famous name in the field of prediction science through Crystal Ball Gazing. Mr Panda is also conducting seminars to remove blind beliefs and superstitions from the society.

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