Deepti Gupta

dptigRajeeb sir is the person who can not be described in words. 3 years has passed when I met with him and today more than hundreds experience I have about his powers and energies. He is the single solution of every problem regarding any matter. His predictions are so strong. Instead of having so much great powers he is so splendid. He do selfless healing of all. After meeting with him I always feel I am in the lap of God who always takes personal care of mine and this attitude he has for every person who is in touch with him. I don’t know how he manages healing of thousands of persons at a time. His memory is like RAM of computer. Life history of every person stays in his memory in every second. First time I met with him on 15th aug 2012 regarding for finding a suitable life partner. He told me some very easy remedies to do. In the same year I got married. According to lots of pandit it was tough for me to give birth a baby but with the remedies and healing of Sir I was blessed with a baby boy within one year of my marriage. In my pregnancy I was working and never faced any problem because of his remedies. After taking birth of my son I got part time job in school for 3 hours that is generally not possible. In this year 2015 in march month I started facing some problems in my job. I discussed with sir, he asked me to leave that job and told me I will get a new job with in one month and will also purchase two wheeler for me. I was surprised when I got again part time job and purchased Activa too with in one month. I always feel that he can see upcoming moments of our life and as he predicts it really happens. Experiences are more than hundreds with his supernatural power but all can not be  share. In short he is God on earth for me. I just do wish for anything and he always fulfill it. In every second I pay gratitude to him and in return I got everything which I needed. Thank u a ton sir. Plz bless me always. Infinite love to RajeeBandana.

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