Shruti Puri

shruyiOne day in the month of June 2014 Universe sends me to the great personality, he was taking seminar and I just impressed by his words THANK U THANK U THANK U, from that day I have decided to keep in touch with him. I found his number and after talking to him, waited till August, I was not aware that Bhaiya stays in Delhi. I met Rajeeb BHAIYA on 7 august 2014 and took consultation on 9 august 2014. He told me no need to worry and just keep in touch with him. He gave me easy remedies to do.
He showed me light of hope. I am the follower of him. I attended his every workshop and seminars. I learned and adopted his teaching in my daily life. Wonders and. Magic’s has happened with me in my life. Experiences are many to share but I cant share them all here. Last night I have an severe pain, numbness In the mouth on my operation area. I went to the doctor and he told me no need to worry, he gave antibiotics to eat. He with the universal powers protects me. I have learned reiki also from him, I heals people, but when ever I am In trouble and pain, he is there for me for my healing. He always does my selfless healing. When I need he is there for me where ever he is. My speech improves & personality improves after meeting to him. Now I and BHAIYA has more then brother And sister relationship. I am with right person and going in the right direction is the motto of my life. In ship Navigator is there to show the correct way but for me BHAIYA is there to shows me right direction. and to uplifts me from falling down.
He is also my guide, my best friend who shows me right path and light. I did not have to told him anything he just reads from my face when I was sad and happy. He gives me moral support , motivates me to move forward in life and to accomplish my goals. He taught me to value my self, don’t bother to those who did not cares for me. Many things I had planned to do. it’s my wish to Learn dance and aerobics, I was sitting with him he just told me to learn and told my teacher that I would joined it. He is so affectionate and concerned for me. He makes me positive. My reiki healing is now more powerful after learning again from him. I pay my gratitude to him, how much I gives him gratitude is less because he gives me new life of happiness and love. He only teaches me about universal powers.
Thank u thank u thank u

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