How is Reiki Good For the Mind and Body?

Reiki’s healing energy balances every aspect of our lives to facilitate our bodies and minds doing what they do best—self-healing. To receive Reiki treatment for your body and mind is to empower yourself in your healing. When you learn how to do self-care, your energy and aura will reject anyone and any circumstance that does not serve you or your self-worth. Reiki is an approach with interventions that bring attention to the relationship between the body and the mind and utilize the Reiki healing process to treat stress and depression.

The treatment of psychological problems and conditions in the practice of psychotherapeutic Reiki revolves around four treatment tasks, mentioned as follows:

  1. Practicing Presence: The first task, “practicing presence,” focuses on the relationship clients have with their symptoms. Practicing presence involves the use of techniques for helping clients open up to their symptoms in a non-judgmental manner and explore them fully. A simple technique for practicing presence is noticing, allowing, opening, and relaxing exercises. Instruct the clients to experience these symptoms as fully as they can while allowing them to be just as they are. As the client opens up about their symptoms, make sure they breathe deeply and slowly and relax.
  2. Exploring the Body-Mind: Exploring the body-mind relationship is important to understand the client’s symptoms more accurately. While the client is receiving Reiki healing, we explore the origin and definition of his symptoms and define the nature of his interconnected parts: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. A simple technique for exploring the body-mind is the Exploration and Release Technique.
  3. Releasing and Clearing Energy Blocks: This task involves the use of techniques for letting go of held trauma, negative or hurtful memories, thoughts, and emotions, and for releasing the energy charge underlying them. A simple technique for this task is the Mental-Emotional Release Technique. After letting go of strong emotions, many people feel an energetic place where their negative thoughts or feelings had been stored in the body, and it is essential for the therapist to give Reiki to fill this gap. 
  4. Installing Corrective Experience: The fourth and last task, installing corrective experience, involves the use of techniques to think, feel, and act differently and with positive intention. Techniques in this task seek to input new information into the client’s body-mind. After clients have released blockages, this new information is installed in the form of positive images, successful outcomes, corrective thoughts and beliefs, and positive feelings that promote states of healing, happiness, and contentment.

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